Broilmaster H4X Delivers Big Grill Performance

The Deluxe H4X Grill Series, the latest addition to the Broilmaster line, melds features from the long-running P4 grills and the H3X grills launched last year.

Every Broilmaster Gas Grill features a 1/4-inch thick aluminum casting for exceptional heat distribution. The H4X adds two single-level stainless steel cooking grids, a warming rack, and a stainless steel H-style burner – with dual controls – rated at 36,000 Btu.

The result is a slightly smaller, competitively priced grill with premium performance.

Available as an LP or Natural Gas model on a Black Cart, and as a Natural Gas model on a Black Patio Post or In-Ground Post, the H4X packages include the mounting, grill head, and one shelf.

In addition to the packages, the H4X grill heads are offered ala carté to fit Broilmaster’s stainless steel carts and posts.