Empire Launches Super-Efficient; Super-Versatile Wall Furnace

Empire Comfort Systems’ new UltraSaver90Plus wall furnaces exceed 90 percent efficiency – making it the most efficient vented heating system you can buy.

Available in twin burner (35,000 Btu) or single burner (17,500 Btu), the US90Plus features a clean, modern Cool-Touch cabinet to fit any décor. The large-diameter multi-speed blower ensures whisper quiet operation at any setting.

The built-in control system is easy to learn and easy to use. The US90Plus will also work with most wall thermostats and programmable thermostats.

The US90Plus vents with low-cost PVC pipe (or PolyPro venting), minimizing installation time and material costs. The vent systems can run up to 50 feet – including vertically or horizontally – and terminates with a small 2-inch diameter hole.

Choose Natural or LP gas. Conversion kits are available.

The US90Plus was designed, tested and is manufactured in the United States.