Mantis G-Class Adds Contemporary Flair

Empire Comfort Systems has added a contemporary model to its Mantis line of high-efficiency fireplaces. The new G-Class features a linear burner rated at 20,000 Btu at more than 90-percent efficiency. .

The standard Digital Remote Control includes a thermostat and sleep timer, plus 10 pre-set programmed times. The control system allows up to 50-percent turndown, so the fireplace can burn longer without overheating the room. Under automatic mode, flame height varies with heat demand.

The super-clean burning Mantis G-Class includes hot-surface ignition and a three-stage heat exchanger to reduce emissions and maximize efficiency. An internal LCD display monitors all functions and provides self-diagnostics to minimize downtime.

The Mantis G-Class installs as direct-vent or single-vent system using regular 1 1/2-inch PVC pipe to minimize installation cost. The Mantis power vents up to 40 feet in any direction, maximizing its versatility.

Condensation, a by-product of its efficient operation, is captured and evaporated to add humidity to dry winter air.