Contemporary Accoutrements Enhance Portrait Fireplace

With its clean vertical lines the American Hearth Contemporary Portrait Fireplace adds a striking design element to
modern home décor.

The vertical motif carries through to the interior where multiple folds in the porcelain liner add to the illusion of height. The rich black porcelain reflects the fire to create depth and enhance visual interest from any position in the room.
The clean-face design allows tile or stonework to the edge of the window frame.

Decorative fronts, available in four styles, tailor the fireplace to the décor while providing 2015-compliant barrier protection. Or choose the simple black barrier screen to maintain a clean-face fireplace.

The dual burner system resides in an earthenware bowl filled with crushed glass. Choose a black or white bowl and fill it with one or more colors of crushed glass.

The multifunction thermostat remote control operates the fireplace and can vary the flame height of the main burner. The remote lets you vary the accent lighting system located in the fireplace floor and even operate an unrelated appliance – such as a lamp or holiday decorations plugged into the outlet beneath the fireplace.